Thursday, December 17, 2009


1. All lenses are yearly disposable. However i recommend that you use it with a minimum of 3-month up to a year depending on how you clean and use it.

2. All payments have to be made before the pre-order close, regardless if it is COD or by mail. Otherwise, orders will be cancelled.

3. PRE ORDER - wait for 2-3 week
READY STOCK - 2-5 days ( less than 1 week )

4. Power need to be provided even if it's zero (0.00).

5. We offer power lens from 0.00 till -10.00 (0 up to 1000)

6. The lens comes in Vial packing. You need to soak the lens with the solution/saline for up to 8 hours before using it.

7. Please don't order if you're not willing to wait as sometimes there might be delayed and this is not within our control. Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.

Reminder - Please buy at your own risk

*Please check with the optometrist before you order as we will not be responsible for any eye irritations.

* Any eye problems contracted after wearing lenses bought DOES NOT hold us responsible.

*Again, do check with your optician before you purchase if you've never worn lenses before.

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