Monday, December 28, 2009

NARS duo eyeshadow + single eyeshadow

NARS Imported Brand From USA

NARS Packaging
  • NARS duo eyeshadow (CLEO)

  • NARS Single Eyeshadow ( Golden)


Body Refiner
Salon Glaze

This is my 1'st NARS product that i have from my cousin :ridhwan

Packaging : nice
Colour : pigmented and pretty
Price : Expensive...=(

LOVE the colour so much..and very excited cause
this product is so familiar in Youtube user.
Mostly use by makeupaddict ..yay \0/..
Others,this product have such
a good recomandation from all over the world.
It's hard to find in Malaysia...(^.^)
i advice u to buy in US state only,
because if u buy in other country exmple : NZ
It will charge u more than it would be.

I guess :

Price : USD 22 - 37 = eyeshadow only
MYR = is around RM70 + for 1 single eyeshadow only

p/s : im not selling nars product..this is juz for ur info..that's all
sharing is a good thing.=)

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