Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Diet Oh Diet

For a time being i will be so busy with my assignment and mid-semester test. miss to update my blog but unfortunately i cant. im in lab right now
Sub : Personal Development,
Time : 3.30p.m
Computer : 26
I have some secret to share with all of you guys.Now im in diet process (yay\o/pls support me) by using 1 soya product ,if it working i will update my previous and latest look with this product.The product is name SD2 ( New Zealand )
( cut all the carbohydrates )
( cut all the fat food )
( no oily food )
(no fast food)
either (no junk food)
(no sugar)
Instead of now im eating :
mineral water 2 liter p/day
2 half boiled egg
mushroom soup
My target is 48.5kg
Now weight : 60kg
height : 152cm
MENU for today is :
Morning : 2 half boiled egg
Afternoon : Chicken & vegetables
Evening / Night : Mushroom soup
(8.30-10.30 : poco2 class at seri bendahara)
Wish Me Luck Babes !!
XOXO From Reen

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