Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make up look 2 : simple classy

This simple classy looks is suitable for daily or event any occassion , its depend on your own creativity in choosing colours.To get more sexiest + dramatic look , use RED lipstick,
Honestly on daily, i will do light make up. i dun like to put so much make up unless there have special occassion. i love simple & natural beauty

Simple with Classy Make Up Looks

Product that i used :

Shagy Lady The Balm Vol : 2
Hot Mama The Balm Blusher : orange + champagne ( 2 in 1)
Maybeline brown (eyebrow)
The Body Shop Mascara
Revlon Colour Stay ( 245 )
The Darling Eyeliner (Black)

How to get this look ?

eyeliner : fishtail liner

1) First apply a champagne colour to all over your eye lid

2) Next, use dark brown to make this look dramatic.
To apply this look, use brush that u usually use on your eye crease.

3) Try to make sharp shape , if u dun get perfect shape,
use cotton to reshape and clean under your eye crease.
Just make sure your eyeliner in the same line with your correction area

4) Dun forget to put some highlight on ur eyes
it will make your eyes look bright and shape your eyes better

5) Then, i re-do or touch up my eyeliner.
I've add one more liner to make it look like fishtail and
connect above n below liner

For best result : use Black gel liner, perfect & sure looks good !!

xx REEN xx


  1. dang..beautifull..klu u wat muke u agak nude then pkai red lipstic..owh so marlyn monroe it!

  2. cantikla u makeup ur eyes..
    u blaja kat mane2 ke?

  3. nope..i x amek ape2 class..juz blaja thru youtube..=)

  4. Beauty, like supreme dominion

    Is but supported by opinion