Monday, April 26, 2010

DIY : How To Keep It Clean ?

All you need is :
Tissue , Brush Cleaner & Make up Brush

Product Intro :

Keep It Clean
Brush Cleaner

Its important to keep your brush clean and sanitized in between use.
Over time,brush will accumulate dirt,debris and facial oil which will encourage
bacterial growth.This product is formulated to cleanse, sanitize and deodorize natural and synthetic brushes while removing all traces of debris and oil.the price is reasonable and all of u can afford. So,make up lover what are you waiting for?
Have a try ! It's Super fab and easy to use !

What u have to do is :

1) Spray unto bristle and work through with fingertip

2) Wipe off with tissue or cloth . Just deb it on tissue.

3) Reshape and allow it to dry

4) Tadaa!! yay your brush is clean and smooth. No more dirt =)

P/S : For home use,u need to clean brushes once or twice a week with KEEP IT CLEAN . Shampoo brushes once a fortnight mild need to clean brush whenever you switch shades to pervent unwanted color blending.

.. reen ..
Have a nice day

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