Sunday, July 18, 2010

Samsonite Travel World

Review : YAY !! At last, i have one exclusive travel make up bag.. =)
This is presented by My Lovely Aunt, Asmah. I Love her so much.She is so supportive and nice person.I will use it once i start my journey as Professional Make Up artist.There's many things i have to learn about make up.I will never give up to learn and share anything related to make up with all of you.I love to do make up as partimer job because now i have to finish up my study ( Degree in Finance ) Wish me luck kay ...=) chaiyok2...

In-side View :

Example : The way i will store my cute palette

Have a nice day girls


  1. wahhh amin! amin!
    i harap sangat impian u tercapai sebab i tengok u ni sangat berbakat and boleh pergi jauh..

  2. Oo! Love this! I so need one :)

    Cheers, Jesa