Saturday, January 8, 2011

WATSON Face Sauna & Face Mask

Watson Face Sauna
( weekly face routine)

Lately,i feel so upset with my face.i have alot of blackhead and redness and it's really annoyed me. I decide to find more face mask at any beauty shop around Dataran Pahlawan Malacca or Jaya Jusco.I hangout with my cousin to find the face mask for our weekly routine at Watson.
We bought really cute Face Sauna at watson for RM39.90 only.
One for the nose area and another one for whole face.

Before use face sauna MAKE SURE remove your make up cleanly,go and wash your face.
i'm using body shop seaweed face cleansing.

1. I will use face sauna for 15-30 minutes (depend on you),and when my face feel warm and soft,slowly i will remove my blackhead at nose area because i have so much problem in the area.

2. I use face mask from watson (RM5.90) Blemish Mud
(combat blemishes and make your face clear and clean) with hydro soothing cucumber pads.
I leave in for 30 minutes until my mask dry ( usually i will relaxing myself by listening music)

3. I wash it off and use The Body Shop Seaweed Toner and Moisture Lotion

4. Finally i will trim my eyebrow, so it's will look more organized.

TADAAA.....\o/ this is my fresh face ( without make up )
after using watson face sauna..thank you watson..=)

P/S : What do you do on your first weekend in 2011 ?
Share your face routine with me, i would like to know

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