Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review Contact Lens Update :Blytheye

Blytheye in Grey

So finally i bought a new contact lens (Blytheye).Its suit me very well and i love the color so much .I guess this lens make my eyes look sexy + natural , sometimes its make me look like vampire ( ha ha ha).After this, i will buy more blytheye pattern in different color,next aim will be green or pink :) Good Luck !!

What do you think ? do you love this pattern too?
Why don't you try this pattern and give me some comment or good suggestion :)


  1. it really looks nice on your eyes! I would love to try wearing contacts but i'm afraid it might hurt my eye. :(


  2. i just purchased this lens too. i love the vibrancy of this colour. the grey appears so pale on the eyes, and love how it stands out on very dark eyes like mine. Pink appears vibrant too. My sis tried it, and it seems that on lighter coloured eyes, the pink lens appear more pale and dolly looking. Even so, I hope you will like it too as much as you like the grey one. As for me, I love the Grey and would love to try Blue next time.

  3. solacevy : Hye thanks for the hitz..yup i agree with ur opinion and next i wOuld like to try the pink one same as ur sis =)

  4. chinadoll : dun be afraid dear..once u try,u will like it so much as mine..=) y dun u try..its not hurting ur eyes,make sure high hygene care

  5. I got the pink ones. I dont like it :(


    i made a review, check it out befre you plan on buying pink, they're really really really bright!

  6. hey, where did u get this contact lens..?? i've been searching for soo long and u give me the link of the supplier u bought from plsssssssssssssss

  7. I have been looking for a review on dolly eye blytheye pink
    Can you please let me know where can I find one?