Thursday, June 23, 2011

Forext done by David : Relaxing & Cut

David from Forext : My Hair Stylist

I trust him because he is so polite & friendly,he know what is suitable for my hairstyle and always ask me if i ok with any of his suggestion. So for this time, i have problem with my fringe ,i dun like curly fringe,i dun have enough time to blow and straighten every time i want to go out,its really annoyed me.So i decide to do relaxing and cutting to reshape my natural curly. Currently my favourite hairstyle is Miley cyrus in video "Party in USA"

My face shape is round so i need layer side fringe to cover up my cheek.Relaxing is one other way beside rebonding, i don't really like rebonding because after i rebonded my hair,its look so fake and when they start growing,looks more funny and unorganized.Relaxing is more natural than Rebonding,trust me.For those who like rebonding,you should try relaxing, you will never regret

Have a nice day
Best Regard, Reen

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