Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quick and simple make up ( Natural ) 1

Time : 2.15p.m
15 minute before 2.30 p.m class

Natural Make up look
This is my 1'st post for make up look..Have fun !..Hope u'll love my post

Im using :

BB Cream No.23 MISSHA
Lady Shagy Palette
Loreal Paris
Maybelline Brown Eyebrow Pencil
My Darling ( Im Selling diz one ) -> check out my BIZ Label
Body Shop Trio Blusher
Body Shop Mascara
Maybelline Lipstick

Take Note :

Before u apply any make up..make sure u've done put BB Cream together with powder
or Foundation with concealer

1) Eyeshadow + Eyebrow + Eyeliner

Apply the light colour 1'st ( 1)
Then apply then darker colour (2) at your eye crease,
Blend it & put some hightlight under your eyebrow,so ur eye will look brighter and pop up
As u can see, im using cream shadow colour from Loreal Paris

2 ) Blush Ur gorgeous Cheek

Body Shop Trio Blush have a great impact on my cheek bone and so versatile because u can use the colour separately or combine the 3 colour.The Blusher have a bit glitter, perfect use for night make up.

Close view

3) Lips

using B23 from Maybelline
Nice to use with natural make up & it's Moisture ur lips

4) Mascara

Apply Mascara
I always forget to use mascara when im done any make up..haha

Review :

YAY.. DONE..\0/

Hair : Natural curl is not using any curler.=)


  1. yana : hy ekak..huhu...=)
    mekasih...lame x ne MSB??
    everytg ok?

  2. That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful..Love the Natural