Saturday, January 16, 2010

Old post :Hair Do by Jaga's or Mr Jack

19 Sep 2009 : 2.30p.m : Jalan bendahara Melaka
Suggested By: Wan Nadzirah ( Kak Ngah )

Mr Jack :
Indian and very strict person, experience working outside Malaysia, skillfull
shop colour concept : merah hitam putih

It's me , doing treatment for my natural curly hair
Damaged because of hair colour ( do it by myself )

Before treatment n cutting : split end = (

hehe..Cool !! look like alien stuff

After cut + treatment

My opinion :

Mr jack have a good skill in cutting and styling, good experience (U.S) and he not using any curler or straighten tools..He prefer natural cutting and he can style any hair type.
Pretty , nice , fast and satisfy. The shop is near to Bandar Hilir, at jalan bendahara
Price : For me it's quit expensive and unreasonable because cost for :

Trimming + shampoo + blow = RM54
Treatment + shampoo + cutting + blow = RM168

I've already come for 2 times to make treatment n cutting , now i realized that i will go to jaggas once my hair in really bad ( serious) condition because i dun like to spend so much money for hair .This place is suggested to people who like + willing to invest

Other place suggested ( cheap & nice) :

Turf ( MBO )
Joey ( near with Equatorial Hotel )

Some pic view :


  1. I am longing for that kind of curl because the salons I know only offer small curls and they don't have your curl's size.

  2. Any advise you can give in taking care of curls like that? I mean, to avoid hairs from going different directions.