Friday, January 15, 2010

Yeahhh ! Im back =D

New Broadband
CSL Modem For celcom
RM68 per month

Hmm..wondering, if i can get more cheaper than this price
but it's ok, as long as i can chit chat,do my research and update blog.Nvm la. =D

What Happen to me??

3-4 day ago, i get infection because of lens...=) terrible..i so sick because my eyes getting weird and redness make me scared to look myself in im start to wear glasses until now. Maybe i need to change my lens.hmm.What colour it would be ya??maybe i want to try aqua colour. ok or not???aqua quiet nice rite? I learn something from this, starting from now on, i have to Practise good Hygiene Care of lens. Im too lazy to change my lens case and wash before sleep.So i have to take a note for this things.Hope it wont happen again.

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