Friday, May 21, 2010

5 : Celeb inspired : Marilyn Monroe

Here we go, my 1'st celeb inspired make up is from Marilyn Monroe
she is so damn beautiful and hot.Hope all of you'll like it..=)

Product use :

Shady Lady The Balm Vol 1& 2
Maybelline watershine No.62
Elianto (mascara)
Eyebrow definer by Maybelline
My Darling liquid eyeliner ( black)

Step by Step :

1) Eye Make Up (eyeshadow)

Marilyn Monroe use very light eyeshadow color.

Eyeshadow : 2 combination color : brown and peach color
Use peach color to all over your lid & brown in your eye crease.
Then use cream color to highlight under your brow-line

2) Eyebrow

The most important part is eyebrow define coz
marilyn monroe's eyebrow is bit sharp

3) lips

usually she used red lipstick

simple and easy yet lips and brow play
the most important part for this look


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