Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CAT Eyeliner ( Metal Look )

CAT Eyeliner (Metal Look)

close up :


All you need : liquid eyeliner and pencil liner ( black).
im using my daily liquid eyeliner (My Darling) and Elianto pencil liner.
Make sure your liquid eyeliner is very thin tip (easier to draw the line).
use pencil liner to darken the lines.any mistake, fix with make up cotton.


1 ) Define your eye corner,try to draw tiny sharp line.
you have to match the lenght with your eyeshape.
Bahasa : Buat 1 line yg tajam di hujung mate dan pastikan x terlalu panjang.
hati2 dan jgn terlalu gopoh.

2) Draw your upper line and try to connect both lines
Its all about adjusting.Don't give up.
slowly,do not rush, its will take a bit of time to do a perfect line.
Bahasa : Buat line atas mate macam biase then try sambungkan num 1 ngn 2.
kalau x boleh just try buat line tu nampak mcm die bersambung bile u buka mate.
practice practice practice.
Jgn putus asa.akan ambil mase sikit nak buat line yg perfect nampak cantik

3) For lower line,its important to use thin tip liner,so it will be easier for u to draw the line.
dramatic look : use pencil liner to readjust and make a beautiful thick line &
connect with the sharp line.
Bahasa :line bawah mate,u'all kne lukis pakai tip liner yg nipis
kalau nak nampak lebih dramatic,lukis sekali lagi dgn pencil liner.
sambungkan dgn liner hujung mate..pastikan ianya selari ok???
kalau comot betulkan balik pakai cotton make up.

Finally, use white pencil liner in your water line.
Will make your eyes look brighter and larger



  1. Alaaaaaaaaa....nampak little bit old laaa Reen..

  2. sis,why not.u buat video about makeup2 ni.then letak kat youtube or blog.:D
    lg senang nak follow ur technic
    just suggestion :)

  3. i seriously like this blog. keep it up sis. :)