Thursday, July 8, 2010

SHINS Best Seller Award Hair Product

Made in Spain

Align Center

Technically,the reason why i choosing this product is because the product is trusted and recommended by the promoter.So i decided to try this out and do a treatment by myself.
Hopefully this product will not disappoint me and work so well,because it's quite expensive OVERALL : RM131 I have to style my curl and make it look more live because im bored with my old curl fashion and style. So,for this month i have focus more on hair product and style.
Next aim will be coloring and highlighting hair.

after styling =)

yay !! \o/ new hair treatment
I miss my mango hair butter mask =(

LAKME website :


  1. I love your curl. I just found this blog today and I am wondering if you let a salon done it or its just curled by a curling iron?

  2. hye, sorry for very3 late reply,nope its my own natural curl without using any tools.i just applied ring style control to make it look more manageable