Thursday, July 1, 2010

Liese Hair Cocktail (From Sasa )

After shake : Turn to be milky but not sticky

Shake off
Bad hair days for good

Transform dry and damaged tresses to incredibly moisturised and loveable lock that shine
once mixture turn to milky,its ready for use!

-can be applied on both dry or damp hair
- smells good (believe me)
One of recommended hair product (daily use) in SASA..I love SASA so much !!!
You should try,its amazed me and hair is super soft after applied...


  1. awww... i wish there's Sasa here in the Philippines... I've been reading a lot of good stuff about it...

  2. anglemhiere:
    yep dear
    i like to buy my daily routine hair product in here. they always suggest me a good product..i love this one soooo much..nextime if u come to malaysia..we can meet n i will bring u there..=)

    liloo : it's ok dear...if there have sasa,u should go n try this out..=)