Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review : 88 Eyesshadow Pallette

88 eyeshadow palette

OMG ! im super duper excited to get this and finally i have one in my collection. yay \o/
Next aim will be warm palette, shimmer palette and contouring palette.

Review :

Act, i really don't know whether this is the original or fake brand becausei just buy after i tried this out from ( izyan hanis) she is so sweet and have cute lil baby.This is the fastest time i decide to buy make up ! lest than 10 minutes .OMGThe colors is quite pigmented and easy to blend.when i know the price, i get shocked because it's cheap than others.So whether is original
or fake brand not important to mebecause its about how u use the colors (creativity).
This is good start for me to create more makeup look
(^.^) wish me luck !


  1. yeahhhhhh this palette is so great, love it :)
    You'll do so many look with it ;)

  2. hehe..tq liloo..u always support u !

  3. me want one!!! ^__^

    actually, ive been drooling to buy a 120 palette... ^__^

    hope to get one in the future! ^__^

  4. of course u can get one dear..=)
    for me 120 palette have unique color and more shade than 88 but 88 palette is easy for traveling..i hope i can get 120 palette with good price too..=)