Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brush Shampoo Day =)

~ Brush Shampoo Day ~

WHY WE HAVE TO CLEAN UP OUR BRUSHES?For daily routine,those who used make up will know how important brushes to us,but do you care and wash it frequently?every weekend i will spend my leisure time to clean my brushes because i don't want any dirt & bacteria apply on my face,its bad for my skin.Dirt & Bacteria will make more annoying pimples and redness on my face because they easily trap on liquid.I advice you to clean your foundation brush every day,depends on how frequent you use it.Before this i used STAGE Brush Cleaner for my brushes but i noticed,its too expensive for daily used, so i decided to try & buy very inexpensive Tesco Baby Shampoo for my brush (RM4.90 per small bottle).Its super good because its removed dirt very well & i don't have to worried anymore.

Tips : 

1) Clean your brushes regularly.

2) Always reshape your brushes while wet : 
Once you have washed your brushes, make sure you reshape them     before they dry. Whatever shape your brushes are left in to dry is the same shape they will be when they are dry.

3) Never stand your brushes up to dry : 
You do not want to let in water into the ferrule portion of the brush (the metal part, right above the brush head), because it can loosen the glue inside ferrule.

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  1. hello from usa! you are amazing w/ makeup, and loved browsing through your blog! :) inspirational, and i am your new follower. hope to stay connected. cheers!