Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eyeshadow : BeautyMaker Product

Vogue Eyeshadow (WHITE)

BEAUTYMAKER ?  I never heard about this brand before,i found this nice white sparkling eyeshadow at one of booth at Dataran Pahlawan,near Dreambox Level at Careffour. When i try this one,i falling in love with the shimmering that appear after i applied on my lid & hand.super soft shining and nice to wear on daily and nightime.I will try another product on this brand and show to you.What i know from the seller is,this brand is quite famous among chinese girl .they love it so much and im glad to have one of them

come with transparent compartment,simple & nice

You can see the shining appear on my hand although i using for daytime,imagined when its on your lid,so glamorous & elegant with black wings eyeliner.(classic look)

- Beauty without Boundaries -

Best Regards from Reen (Beautybuzz)

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