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Guess,which one is Fenling or Ecotools?


FENLING Brush Set 

Review : Different between each brushes

1 Ecotools
2 Fenling

In term of price,obviously Fenling is cheaper than Ecotools because Fenling is RM50 & Ecotools is RM88 per set.But i don't feel regret to buy Fenling Brushes,although i know it is imitation product because the softnes is almost same.In Fenling set, powder brush and eyeshadow quality is good to use, they blend quite well .It's the best tools for loose powder or any Mineral Make up.If there have a chance to  choose between this 2 brand,( Fenling & Ecotools ),i will choose Ecotools,because Eco is more smooth ,fur more compact,nice shape and i confident with it.I'm not sayin Fenling is not good,but its depends on individual,if you have extra money,you can buy Ecotools set,if u are in budgeting,u can buy Fenling for trial.Both quite same. In term of "cheap drugstore brushes" Fenling is one of the best.

Powder Brush 
rate : 3.5/5
Eco shape more compact and round, Fenling is more to square shape and not compact as Eco.

Concealer Brush
rate : 2/5

Eco fur looks more smooth than Fenling,Fenling fur shape is longer than Eco

Eyeshadow Brush
rate : 3/5

Fenling Brush shape is wider than Eco but Eco look more structured.


Angled Brush
rate : 2/5

Eco is wider and easy to use rather than Fenling because its unstructured and hard to blend

Eyebrow Definer
 rate : 3.5/5

 i dont have any comment for this one,both can use very well,just a bit diff in shape

P/S : An appreciation to ChinaDoll who request the post,thank you & hope you like it =)
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  1. thanks for the review dear...Eco tools is definitely better then :) Hugs!♥