Friday, July 22, 2011

Sexy Mermaid Make Up Lok

Sexy Mermaid Make Up Look

close up pic : 


Eye Make Up :

 Sexy Mermaid Make up Look is combination from 3 gorgeous color from STAGE Make Up i used eyeshadow mono stage in cupcake (light pink), Magic (blue ocean),waterfall (green) & Thebalmshagylady in shade "jelous jordana" for eye crease and then i blend with waterfall eyeshadow color.I change the eyeliner with stage Teal Theater pencil liner instead of using black liner because the color for eyeshadow will standout more dramatic and sexy.

Cheek :
Stage light pink Blush 

Lip :
Stage Lipstick  ( pastel posy ) 

Hope all of you like it & enjoy 
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  1. Hi there, love your makeup!! I live in Malaysia too :)

  2. hye diana thanks for visiting =)