Friday, August 19, 2011

Kim Kardashian Basic Smokey Eyes

Kim Kardashian gorgeous smokey eyes is one of my favorite.So i try to recreate similar look like her.It's super easy and wearable.What is your smokey eyes favorite style & how you do ? 

Mine ? is super easy & you should try this gorgeous look :

1) create line around your eyes ( include waterline) : use black pencil liner
2) Use your Q tip to smudge  the line
3) add black eyeshadow on your lid
4) On your eye crease , blend with dark brown eyeshadow
5) Do correction & clean up to any mistake part ( i mean dirt that fall out after apply eyeshadow)
6) Use any of your concealer, conceal under your eyes.
(so ur eyes will not look  like panda)

key :  To have a beautiful smokey look is depend on how you blend the shadow.Use proper tools =)

Good Luck Girls

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