Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fitness Diary : New Planning : Abs Workout ?

What is most annoyed part of your body?
Do you feel comfortable with your body shape? 
What is your body type ? 

ME : YES , i am not comfort with myself, i have to do something before it get more worse.My Body type is Apple Shape.( Probs in Arm & Abs area only )

I dunno how to start , i have a depression on my body shape,i will feel so annoyed on myself,i hate to look at mirror or hangout with anyone even my mother or sister,i will lock myself in a room and start listening to music or sleeping to release my depression.It will so disappoint me, and i will start to blame myself  and feel shame on myself.I have to figure out, HOW I WANT TO GET MY SELF ESTEEM BACK ?I 've done couple of things, its work but doesn't last longer because of my bad attitude eating junk food at late night or over sleeping.DISCIPLINE and PORTION CONTROL is the main key, i have to maintain my food schedule & start workout to get my ideal weight,47kg.Hopefully before 5/12 ( my birthday )  i can achieve my ideal weight. CANT WAIT to see the result.

Here is my planning list for workout, i will try to achieve one by one,start slow, DON'T too rush I start with 5 main things, then will go further if i success this simple way : i will update the changes one month from now :) I will try to cut my carb and sugar as many i can. wish me luck.

1) Drink 2 liter water everyday 

2) Eat before 8 p.m

3)Don't skip breakfast & take heavily 
like Mee Hoon or Fried Rice
4) Sit Up every morning & before go to bed

5) 3 times exercise per week 
(Swimming,Jogging, Home Cardio, or Gym)

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