Monday, September 26, 2011

Fitness Diary : Basic Equipment for a Home Gym

Hello Diary,
Regarding to my fitness challenge last week, i spend my weekend at Gym, Malacca i got some few tips from the trainer,Aunt Lina :

1) Gym is not only for build your muscle , it is also for toning up your body shape.
* selalunya org lelaki pergi gym untuk bina badan, bg perempuan pula, sebenarnya gym bgs untuk tone body shape kita, perempuan x kan build muscle unless u ambil protein, kita boleh control which part yg kita nak tone kan.jangan takut untuk cuba equipment yg ada kat gym.

2) You have to be consistent in exercising
* disiplinkan diri anda,untuk permulaan buat 3 atau 2 kali seminggu

3) Do a lot of cardio to burn your fat
* cardio & stretching membantu pembakaran lemak badan kita, x semestinya di gym sahaja, di rumah pun boleh buat dgn barang yg dah ade kat umah. cthnya : dumbell - 1 air mineral 1.5 liter or dynamo ( big)

4) Start slowly,like mine i do 
* jgn letak target yg tinggi pada permulaan, start sikit2, then bila dah biase & selesa baru upgrade.

cycling = 10 min,
 dumbell = 10 min, 
twisting = 10 min
treadmill = 15 min
sit up = 20 rep ( 2 or 3 set)

( repeat 2 time )

Then i will play some weight equip that more focus on arm and belly
Here is my basic equipment at home, i will normally do this kind of cardio, simple & easy
(just to keep me fit) :

1) Dumbell Exercise : Have sets of dumbbells on hand weighing 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds so that you can gradually increase the weights you use. These simple and inexpensive workout tools will work virtually every part of your body.

2) Twister ( fav equipment)
2) Mat : This is a must for the home gym. It will cushion you from the hard floor when doing abdominal  exercises, floor exercises, and warm up stretches.

3) Ball : Aside from being inexpensive, this exercise tool is versatile and fun to use.This piece of fitness equipment comes in different sizes, based on your height. A proper fit will help you work your way to a firmer body with better posture, more defined abs, and even less back pain. Here is a guide:

Your Height / Proper Sizing

Under 4' 6" / 30-cm (12") ball
4' 6" to 5' 0" / 45-cm (18") ball
5' 1" to 5'7" / 55-cm (22") ball
5' 8" to 6' 2" / 65-cm (26") ball
Over 6' 2" / 75-cm (30") ball

or Skipping


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