Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple & Style & Cheap Shoes Organizer

Hey peeps,this is just a quick post,guess what,i 've found something is so nice & cheap.I just bought 3 shoes box.Yeah..its sounds weird because it is just a shoes box and what is so special about this shoes box is they look like a rack.You can buy as many as you want with price 1 box : RM4 & 3 box RM10 at Subang Parade

Organizing idea : If u have more time, u can create by your self,don't throw away any of your shoes box,try to be creative,you can store your things like panties,makeup palette or CD/DVD.Transform your shoes box, recycle shoes box for your convenience used.

I love organize my things <3
Will upload more in future

Thanks for visiting and reading my beauty blog

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